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Air Conditioner Problems: How To Remedy Water Issues That Can Damage Your Home–And Your System

air conditioner problems calgary albertaWhen your air conditioner operates, you may notice that it produces a certain amount of water. This is because an air conditioning system dehumidifies your indoor air as it provides cooling.

Indoor air is dehumidified as it flows across the evaporator coil. Condensation forms on the cold coil, then is captured and safely drained away. Several types of problems can cause the drains to clog, however, and when this happens, water can leak back into your home.

You can reduce the possibility of water leaks from your air conditioner with regular maintenance and upkeep of the system. Here are some reliable ways to do that.

  • Schedule preventive maintenance: Contact your local trusted HVAC professional for regular preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system. As part of an overall tune-up, your technician should make sure main and secondary drains are clear. He should also check coils to make sure they’re clean and that contactors are not damaged.
  • Maintain adequate airflow: The system needs plenty of airflow to work correctly. Keep clean filters in your air conditioner. Remove vegetation or other obstructions near the outdoor unit to provide at least two feet of clearance around and five feet above the unit.
  • Watch for emergency drainage: Check the system’s emergency drain regularly to see if any water is coming out of the pipe. If there is, it is likely that the primary drain is clogged. Call for service as soon as you can.
  • Put in a safety float switch: This type of switch is placed in the system’s drain pan. It rises along with the water level in the pan and shuts the air conditioner off before the pan can overflow.

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