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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Here’s What Your Cooling Technician Will Do During A Tune-Up

Air Conditioner Maintenance: Here's What Your Cooling Technician Will Do During A Tune-UpHomeowners invest a significant sum of money in their air conditioners, so keeping them in top working condition is critical. That’s why you should schedule air conditioner maintenance annually. It requires a minimal investment, but you’ll get a lot for your money in return.


Maintaining your air conditioner through regular tune-ups helps you benefit by:

  • Ensuring the system operates at peak efficiency
  • Paying you back with higher energy savings
  • Requiring fewer repairs
  • Keeping your system operating as well as possible, for as long as possible


While pre-season maintenance is ideal, even if you neglect to schedule an appointment before the first day of summer, you’ll benefit from having the service performed any time of year. The key is to schedule annual service appointments in order to lock in the benefits.

Tune-up checklist

A reputable HVAC contractor will follow top industry practices when performing a seasonal tune-up, which should include a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the system.

In general, the air conditioner maintenance technician will:

  • Clean the coils – Your air conditioner has two sets of coils, in the condenser and the evaporator. Both sets of coils are critical to a well-functioning system, and they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent wear and tear and higher energy costs.
  • Check the refrigerant – A proper refrigerant charge will ensure that your compressor operates efficiently, and it will help the system last longer.
  • Clear out the drains – Because an air conditioner produces condensation, that moisture needs to be safely drained. Your technician will check the drains, ensuring that moisture can freely run out of the system.
  • Inspect the air handler – This step involves cleaning the blades, lubricating the motor and testing airflow.
  • Check the system – An overall assessment of the system’s start and stop cycles, controls and temperature response helps to identify potential problems.
  • Assess the ductwork – Making sure that the ducts are well sealed and optimized for airflow will ensure that all of the system’s components work together, efficiently and without fail.

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