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A/C Maintenance: It’s Time

A/C Maintenance: It's TimeThere’s something about spring that motivates people to go above and beyond their normal cleaning and maintenance routine. Thoughts of hot summer days give Calgary residents a reason to smile after a long winter, but they’re also a reminder that it’s time for A/C maintenance.

Why Spring?

A/C maintenance can be performed anytime, as long as it’s warm enough to turn the unit on, but spring is the best time for several reasons:

  • Your HVAC contractor is better able to work around your schedule before cooling seasons gets under way, at which point you’ll be working around the contractor’s schedule.
  • Pre-season maintenance can help identify small issues before they turn in to big ones.
  • Rest easy knowing that you and your family will be comfortable all summer, with no down time for major repairs.

What to Expect

Here are some of the more common tasks a contractor will perform during routine A/C maintenance:

  • Change the filter. A dirty filter can reduce airflow, making your cooling system work harder than necessary.
  • Test the system controls. Starting up, running and shutting down the equipment is the best way to gauge the reliability and safety of the system.
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate. Moveable parts require periodic lubrication, to reduce heat and friction, and lower your energy bills.
  • Check and tighten all connections. Loose wiring and faulty connections can be hazardous and shorten the lifespan of key system components.
  • Review the refrigerant. A correct charge is vital to the efficiency and health of your air conditioner. If levels are too low, your contractor will first determine why before adjusting to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Spruce up the coils. Dirty condenser or evaporator coils reduce efficiency, place undue stress on your system and use more energy.
  • Review thermostat settings. Your contractor can help you maximize savings and comfort by checking the calibration and adjusting program settings in accordance with your schedule.

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