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5 HVAC Considerations When You’re Buying a House

Congratulations! You’re buying a house! Now, what type of HVAC system does it have? It’s going to be responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable for years, as well as being a significant portion of your energy bills. Therefore it’s an important consideration as you choose a new home. Here are five things to look at.

  1. Age. Is the system brand new, or has it been around awhile? What condition is it in? Has it been well-maintained over its lifetime? If you buy this house, will you need to take on the expense of replacing the HVAC system soon after, or will it likely last at least a few years more?
  2. Type and location. Does this house have an A/C and furnace, a heat pump, or something else? Where are the units located? Can they be easily accessed by an HVAC technician? Will the noise be bothersome to you or the neighbors? Is the A/C located in direct sunlight, where it won’t function as efficiently?
  3. Energy efficiency. How much energy does the HVAC system use? Are the units Energy Star certified to keep your monthly energy bills low? If you’re buying a house with an HVAC system that guzzles power, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you bargained for.
  4. Ductwork. Is the duct system well-designed? Are there leaks or holes? Is there rust? Are sections of it coming apart? Are the ducts old? Damaged ductwork leads to energy loss as the ducts convey air from your unit to your home. Which in turn makes the system work harder than it should, causing it to wear out more quickly.
  5. Insulation. How much insulation does the house have? What’s the temperature like from room to room? Is it significantly different? Are there drafts coming in from the outside? If so, then the house likely has insufficient insulation, which can also cause your system to use more energy.

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