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5 Energy-Saving Myths and What You Should Be Doing Instead

5 Energy-Saving Myths and What You Should Be Doing InsteadIt’s no surprise that homeowners still believe and follow some energy-saving myths in an attempt to lower the cost of keeping a comfortable home. Depending on the weather, these costs can climb quickly, especially if you practice any of these incorrect techniques to save energy:

  • Don’t close off unused rooms. If you have a forced-air HVAC system, closing off supply and return registers and closing the door could actually increase your energy costs. These systems rely on a fairly precise amount of air flowing into and from them to operate efficiently. When you alter the air pressure by closing registers, the additional pressure inside the ducts can create air leaks. Leaking ducts quickly increase energy bills.
  • Don’t use duct tape to seal leaking ducts. As a temporary fix, duct tape will hold a leaking duct together, but its adhesive is too short-lived to last as a dependable sealant. Look for metal tape specifically made for sealing ducts, found in home improvement centers and hardware stores. If it’s unavailable, use mastic instead, which is a pliable adhesive used by HVAC pros.
  • Don’t turn up the heat to warm your home faster. This is one of the energy-saving myths that rings true in a few situations. If you have a modulating gas furnace, turning up the heat will warm your home faster. However, most furnaces run at only one speed, and turning up the heat won’t make them heat any faster. Set the thermostat for your preferred temperature instead.
  • Programmable thermostats don’t always save energy. How much you save with a programmable thermostat depends on how you set it. If you program it to start heating your home too soon before you get up and return, your savings won’t be as great.
  • Don’t adjust the temperature setting. Keeping the temperature the same whether you’re at home or not doesn’t result in energy savings. Each degree you turn the temperature down cuts heating bills with a furnace. However, if you use radiant heating, the temperatures will recover more slowly.

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