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Here’s How to Keep Your Home’s Basement from Flooding

Here’s How to Keep Your Home’s Basement from FloodingEven if your basement isn’t converted into a living space or utilized for important storage, basement flooding is still a big deal. Typically, main electrical panels, the water heater, furnace and washer/dryer are all installed in the basement and vulnerable to water damage. Whether rapid flooding or slow seepage, water infiltration also weakens basement walls and compromises the foundation.

In cases where homeowners have invested in improving the basement for a home office or recreation room, or as an area where valuables are stored, potential damage from flooding is even greater. Here are some ways to keep the water out and the risk of losses down.

  • Keep the gutters clear — What goes on in your gutters up on the roof affects your basement below. Water cascading out of clogged gutters pounds the perimeter of the foundation below. This water soaks deep into the soil and penetrates small cracks and crevices in the basement wall. Clean the gutters once a year and then as needed to keep up with clogs that form from leaves and other debris.
  • Extend the downspouts — Make sure gutter downspouts discharge roof runoff far enough from the foundation so it doesn’t soak in and infiltrate the basement. Many houses are constructed without downspout extensions and water from the roof is discharged directly on the ground. Extensions of two to three feet or more in length are available at home centers and easily installed.
  • Grade the ground — Landscaping should slope away from the house to ensure that water doesn’t pool around the foundation. Though most houses are built that way, flower beds and other landscaping often level the ground around the house or even cause it to slope toward the house. Re-grading to create positive drainage directs water into the yard and away from your basement.
  • Install a sump pump and maintain it — A sump pump in the basement protects against natural fluctuations of groundwater beneath the house as well as basement flooding from ruptured pipes and extreme weather.

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