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3 Ways To Get Maximum Efficiency From Your Heating And Cooling Equipment

3 Ways To Get Maximum Efficiency From Your Heating And Cooling EquipmentAn energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner will keep your home comfortable during the appropriate season and will save money while conserving fuel and electricity. Here are some suggestions to help you get the maximum efficiency from your heating and cooling equipment.

  1. Seal ductwork and other leaks: Air and energy leaks from the ductwork of your HVAC system and from other locations within your house can dramatically reduce energy efficiency. Check all duct sections to make sure they fit together tightly, and repair or replace sections as needed. Seal connections between ductwork with mastic or metal tape. In other locations in your home, seal gaps, holes, openings, and other areas where air can leak out. Put weatherstripping around doors and windows to stop drafts. Check for leaks around chimneys, exhaust fans, plumbing pipes, conduits or anywhere pipes or wires penetrate your home’s wall.
  2. Install or increase insulation: Check insulation levels throughout your house and add insulation where needed. Put insulation in uninsulated areas where energy loss is common, such as crawl spaces or unfinished attics or basements. Apply insulation to ductwork to prevent energy loss through the thin metal of the ductwork itself. Use insulation with an appropriate R-value, a measure that indicates how well insulation resists heat flow. Higher R-values mean better insulation levels.
  3. Schedule regular preventive maintenance: A maintenance inspection and tuneup before the beginning of the heating or cooling season will help ensure maximum efficiency from your heating and cooling equipment. You can do some maintenance tasks yourself: Change filters monthly if they get dirty. Keep vents and registers clear and make sure there is adequate clearance around the unit to maintain proper airflow.

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