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3 Smart Heating Systems for Your House

Given the length of the Calgary winter, smart heating makes sense to cut energy costs and improve indoor comfort. Thermostats form the core of smart systems because they control when your HVAC system runs, and in some cases, where it runs.

Smart Thermostats

By definition, smart HVAC equipment uses technology that senses temperatures to determine when to run. Most homes use a single thermostat that sends a signal to the furnace or boiler that tells it when to start and when to stop.

When you pair existing or new equipment with a smart thermostat, you can save energy without sacrificing your comfort. You can set the temperature lower for the hours of the day you’re away, and program the thermostat to start heating your home shortly before you return.

Zoning System

A zoning system that includes programmable thermostats gives you the ability to heat just the parts of your home you’re occupying. Some homeowners shut off registers and close doors to cut heating bills, but this practice harms forced-air HVAC systems by altering its air pressure.

A zoning system divides homes into separate sections, each with its own thermostat, and sends heated air to just those areas whose thermostats are calling for it. Zoning systems work well in two-story homes, in those with seldom occupied areas, and where household members have different temperature preferences.

Zoned Radiant Heating

A zoned radiant heating system uses the same smart heating technology that forced-air heating systems do. It sends the heated liquid to just the rooms whose thermostats call for it. You set each thermostat for the temperatures you prefer.

In each of these systems, the thermostat controls when and how long the system will run. When combined with smart thermostats that sense occupancy and allow remote operation, you’ll cut heating costs without having to endure cool temperatures throughout your home.

Smart heating not only takes the guesswork out of home heating, it also saves energy. For more information, contact Arpi’s Industries, providing trusted HVAC services for homeowners in the Calgary region.

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