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3 Furnace Noises You Might Hear, And Must-Have Tips To Keep Problems Under Wraps

Furnace noises are not a good sign—and homeowners are wise to do everything they can to avoid them. If you do hear furnace noises, take them seriously. They can be an indication that the system is either operating inefficiently, which will increase your energy bills, or they can be a sign that your home safety is at risk.

  • Squealing noises are a common indicator of a motor problem. Often, and over time, a furnace blower motor’s belt will begin to slip off. Alternatively, without proper lubrication, the motor’s bearings will begin to touch, create friction and wear out.
  • A rumbling noise in older furnaces often indicates a pilot light problem. The output of the pilot light should be evaluated by a professional and adjusted as necessary.
  • Rumbling noises can also occur when the system’s burners are in the “on” mode. When buildup occurs on the burners, they will not only operate inefficiently, requiring your system to work harder and consume more energy, but they can lead to a system failure if left unchecked.

If you hear any of these furnace noises, call an expert. A technician will be able to assess, adjust or replace the motor’s belt, lubricate bearings if necessary or clean the burner.

If you have a relatively new system that’s making furnace noises, the problem might be due to improper installation. It’s also possible that your home’s ductwork is not correctly matched to your system’s capacity. In both cases, have an expert technician evaluate your systems.

The best way to prevent furnace problems from ever occurring is to have your system serviced regularly. Preventive maintenance keeps your system in good condition, removing dirt buildup and preventing wear and tear on its components. It also ensures that your system will operate at peak capacity, with optimal venting to prevent carbon monoxide dangers.

If you’re hearing furnace noises, call an HVAC technician right away. If you haven’t had your systems serviced recently, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment to prevent future problems. Serving Greater Calgary-area homeowners for almost 50 years, the experts at Arpi’s Industries are happy to help. Call us today!

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