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3 Benefits Condensing Furnaces Offer

When homeowners are searching for a new or replacement furnace, high efficiency is often a major consideration. High-efficiency furnaces have many advantages over older, lower-efficiency models, such as reduced cost of operation, better use of fuel, and overall improved home heating. The most efficient furnace you can get today is a condensing furnace. These types of home heating systems take the best possible advantage of modern technology to deliver excellent performance and home comfort.

Condensing furnaces, in general, work much like standard forced-air furnaces. Their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) numbers, an industry-standard measure of furnace efficiency, are very high. Condensing furnaces can easily achieve AFUE levels of 90 percent or more, with some models climbing as high as AFUE 98. This exceptional level of efficiency is possible because condensing furnaces take better advantage of the heat produced by the fuel combustion process. They use an additional heat exchanger to extract heat from the exhaust gases before they are vented away. Most of the heat in the furnace’s exhaust is recovered, with the exchanger removing heat until the gases condense into water and carbon dioxide, creating carbonic acid. The remaining gases are vented outdoors through a PVC pipe while the carbonic acid is safely drained away.

With a condensing furnace, you’ll see three major benefits:

  1. Increased efficiency: Your furnace will make much better use of the fuel it burns. This will lower your monthly heating bills considerably since less fuel is will be needed to heat your home.
  2. Better use of energy: High-efficiency furnaces consume less energy because they burn less fuel, which benefits the environment. Use of nonrenewable fossil fuels is significantly reduced.
  3. Improved comfort: Indoor comfort will be improved because the furnace will produce more heat at a more consistent rate. The system will be able to retain more of the heat it produces and deliver it to your living environment.

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