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2 Air Conditioner Factors That Preventive Maintenance Must Address

2 Air Conditioner Factors That Preventive Maintenance Must AddressWhen you contact your trusted local HVAC expert for preventive maintenance on your air conditioner, you’re taking a vitally important step toward keeping your cooling system efficient and effective for as many years as possible. Airflow and refrigerant charge are two areas where deficiencies often exist. Ask your maintenance technician to tend to these factors, however, and you’ll enjoy increased air conditioner performance and indoor comfort.

Air conditioners need continuous and unobstructed airflow to provide the level of cooling you require. Air conditioners should have an airflow rate between 350 and 450 cubic feet per minute (cfm) for each ton of capacity. This means that the air conditioner should be able to move and distribute 350 to 450 cfm of conditioned air per ton into your home’s interior. During preventive maintenance, your technician should test your system, evaluate the airflow and make adjustments to increase or decrease airflow as needed.

Another aspect of airflow that should be addressed during preventive maintenance is leaks in the ductwork system. Ductwork must be the correct size to move the required amount of air. Ducts are often too large or too small for the amount of air they need to distribute. Airflow will also be affected by any air leaks within the duct system. All segments of ductwork should fit together well and connections should be sealed with mastic or metal tape.

Air conditioner refrigerant, most often Freon, is the substance that captures and releases heat and allows the system to generate cooling. Your air conditioner needs the correct amount of refrigerant to function properly — not too much and not too little. The manufacturer will indicate how much refrigerant is required and your HVAC technician will be able to add, or charge, refrigerant to the correct level.

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