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Arpi's installed a Lennox XC14-036 air conditioner at our house in the summer of 2013. The install was completed on time. We enjoy the air conditioner unit.

- Steven

Had a great experience with Arpi's. They arrived on time and did a wonderful job installing our air conditioner. I'd highly recommend this company! Their service backs up their reputation.

- Jgermain

At first Arpie's seemed to be really knowledgeable and proficient. Their HVAC specialist quoted our furnace and hot water tank replacement quickly and with confidence. However, when it came time to actually do the job we ran into a lot of hurdles. The team had to completely rethink there original plan and left me worried the work couldn't be completed. They did work tirelessly to come up with a solution and completed the job on time and budget. The installation team really made up for some lack luster planning.

- CamandEggs

We had no choice but to use Arpis. During installation the user manuals were removed which made it hard to understand what/how you are to use the systems installed. Trying to get a manual from this vendor was a nightmare.


Arpi's replaced our furnace following the major flood experienced in High River June 2013. Installation was completed on the scheduled day and the installers were very professional. All work was done efficiently and effectively.

- Steven

Extremely happy with Arpi's. They showed up when promised. The installation was very quick. They needed to call in someone else to drill thru some concrete and they showed up within 30 minutes. Very impressed with the whole end to end experience.

- RickD

We called Arpi's emergency line as we were concerned about the noise and smell of our 20 yr old furnace. Arpi did the initial new home installation so we called them first as we have had excellent service from them in the past. The response from the service tech was very fast and in the end we decided to replace the furnace with a high eff furnace due to the number of repairs req'd on the old furnace. within hrs an estimator came to the house and within 2 days we had a new furnace installed ! all the staff we interfaced with were very capable, knowledgeable and professional. We are very pleased with the overall experience and with our new furnace. we would highly recommend Arpi to others.

- Mills39

Our furnace was installed fast and efficiently. The fellows were friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

- merleps

Arrived on time and ready to work. Unfortunately, our main rep had a dentist appointment that day but informed us of that right up front. Again unfortunately, that added approximately three to four hours to the installation time. We had had four days of no furnace by that time and were somewhat ticked (-15 to -20 C for four solid days and as low as 8 C in the house). However, we survived and the end result was very good. The guys were very nice & professional.

- Frozen

When I purchased my AC units they gave me an install date which never changed. They were on time and the installation technicians were excellent. I would recommend them highly to others.

- George