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Excellent service from start to finish. They were so friendly, professional & prompt.

- pavotja

Overall, a good experience. Arpi's postponed my furnace installation by about one week. That wasn't ideal, but turned out fine. Once started, the two-person team worked diligently to completion. The installers offered suggestions on extra ducts/vents to help improve the heating of my 113-year-old house. Calls to my customer contact sometimes had to be made twice. There was some confusion regarding the city inspection that was necessary. System has been operating fine since installation.

- PJeffery

The dealer has a good installation services, competitive price in the industry. I would recommend the dealer to others.

- Helix69

The installer did not run the plumbing along existing bulkheads. Instead he ran the plumbing at 45 degree angles to save on costs. Now that we are finishing off the basement our contractor had to build around this resulting in added labour and material costs. Not to mention larger bulkheads.

- Eric

Great service, competitive price, great product. I would highly recommend them.

- Kris

The team who installed our A/C unit was exceptional. Not only did they provide excellent instruction on how to use the unit, but also rerouted and installed some plastic piping to redirect water from our humidifier which was already in place.

The lead installer also provided several other valuable tips about usage of our existing furnace and thermostat with our new A/C unit...

Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Arpi's to anyone.

- Japistani

The salesman was knowledgeable and worked hard at getting the installation errors fixed in a timely fashion.

The installers were a little inexperienced and had a few problems but all were resolved in short order.

- Eva

Very knowledgeable dealer. He did not push us to make the most expensive choice but told us everything we needed to know about the systems and our home so we could make the best choice for us. I loved that he explained why the more expensive models were more costly and how long it would take to see us re-coop that money in Airdrie. It wasn't just generalized statements but particular to this area's weather. Would deal with them again for sure.

- ArdrieSummer

We had a tricky situation to properly vent our new furnace up to the new building standards. Of all the folks we had quote the job, Arpi's gave us the best and most direct explanation. They were quick with the work, and kept us in the loop at all times (since there were a few unexpected things to come up along the way).

Given the circumstances (its never fun to unexpectedly have to replace your furnace), Arpis was great. highly recommended.

- EJCard

Arpi's installed a Lennox XC14-036 air conditioner at our house in the summer of 2013. The install was completed on time. We enjoy the air conditioner unit.

- Steven