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Is Your A/C Acting Like a Zombie? Signs It Could Be a Dead System Running

Is Your A/C Acting Like a Zombie? Signs It Could Be a Dead System RunningYour air conditioner has stopped running normally and now it’s just limping along, groaning and wheezing. Your Calgary home is heating up, but your cooling bills send shivers down your spine. It’s a household horror story: your air conditioner has joined the walking dead.

The fix could be as simple as unclogging obstructed ductwork or replacing dirty air filters, but there may also be a serious mechanical problem which needs to be addressed. Here’s how you can spot a zombie A/C system.

  • Energy consumptionEnergy use that suddenly spikes above what you’d normally expect during the summer cooling season can be a sign that your system needs attention.
  • Uneven coolingA central air system that’s on the verge of failure may still produce enough cool air for rooms that are small, well-insulated and don’t get much sun or heat from other sources. Rooms which require more cold air to be pumped into them (because they’re bigger or warmer, for instance, or because of poor ductwork design or leaking ducts) may no longer be cooled effectively.
  • No cool air
    • A complete lack of cool air when the A/C’s compressor is working may mean that the fan motor has burned out.
    • A fan that’s running but is blowing warm air could indicate that the compressor has failed. A broken compressor would need to be repaired by a professional. If it’s beyond repair, the whole A/C system may need to be replaced.
    • If both the fan and the compressor are working, the refrigerant could have leaked out. A professional will need to repair the leak and administer a refrigerant charge.
  • Noisy operationAll A/C units produce some noise, especially when they’re first turned on, but if the noise gets louder or changes suddenly it can be a symptom of a breakdown in progress. If you notice rattling, banging, clicking or persistent high-pitched squeaking, you should immediately get your system checked out by an A/C engineer.

If you suspect that your A/C system may be at death’s door, or you have other questions relating to HVAC, contact Arpi’s Industries Ltd. for expert advice.

Credit/Copyright Attribution: “iQoncept/Shutterstock”