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When Does Adding a Zoning System Make Sense?

When Does Adding a Zoning System Make Sense?If you’re having trouble balancing your home’s HVAC system to evenly heat or cool your home, consider adding a zoning system. The system consists of multiple thermostats connected through a zone control panel to dampers that control the airflow in your ductwork. When you adjust the temperature in a zone, the dampers in the system open or close to make the area cooler or warmer. A zoning system can also save on your energy bills, and ensure all areas of your home are comfortable. 

When does adding a zoning system make sense?

  • When you’re building a new home. All the mechanical and electrical parts needed to run the system can be installed at the same time. And, you can make sure the HVAC system you install will have sufficient capacity for the zoning system.
  • If you’re installing a new HVAC system and ductwork in your existing home.
  • You have inconsistent temperatures in different rooms of your house, or the people living in your home prefer different temperatures in their rooms.
  • You don’t use all of your house all of the time. With a zoning system you can safely “turn off” the heating and cooling to parts of your home.

What do you need to install for a zoning retrofit?

  • A new thermostat for each zone. Programmable thermostats are preferred, so you don’t have to manually control the zones.
  • A zone control panel. This is connected to your thermostats, and it’s what controls the dampers in your zoned HVAC system. You’ll only need one of these, because they can control multiple zones.
  • A transformer for the zone control panel, plenum tubing, flex dampers, a control limit switch, and fire rated tape.

While you can do-it-yourself, adding a zoned system to your home requires that you know the total cubic feet per minute of air produced by your HVAC system, as well as considerable mechanical knowledge. It’s a big project, so call a professional if you don’t have the experience or confidence to complete it on your own.

If you’d like to know more about installing a zoning system, contact Arpi’s.

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