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What to Know About Energy Star Guidelines

There are two basic types of consumers in the world: 1) Those who buy products by instinct or some other arbitrary reason; and 2) Those who carefully research a product before buying. Designed for the second type of consumer, the Energy Star program helps information-hungry consumers select energy-efficient and solid-performing appliances, products and systems by doing their research for them. Products that pass muster get the distinctive blue Energy Star.

Nearly a quarter century ago, the U.S. government launched the Energy Star program, and it continues today under the auspices of Natural Resources Canada in this country and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Many other countries have adopted the program, too.

Over the years, the program has saved consumers billions of dollars in energy expenses while substantially cutting emissions that contribute to pollution and climate change.

A product (everything from furnaces to water heaters to windows to TVs) earns the Energy Star when it:

  • Has proved it will result in significant energy savings.
  • Includes a performance level and features that consumers expect of that type of product. For example, not many people will buy an energy-efficient refrigerator that doesn’t come with an ice-maker.
  • Offers energy savings that will more than offset any extra cost of purchasing the product, and provide that payback over a reasonable period of time.
  • Employs technology that’s available from multiple manufacturers rather than just one that uses proprietary technology.
  • Includes measurable and verifiable energy consumption and performance. There has to be some way to verify that an Energy Star-seeking product actually does save a certain amount of energy while performing as expected.

The Energy Star program can be especially valuable when it comes to purchasing big-ticket HVAC items such as central air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. An Energy Star-qualifying heating or cooling system will save up to 20 percent more on energy than one that doesn’t qualify.

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