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What is Air Filtration and How is it Different From Air Cleaning?

What is Air Filtration and How is it Different From Air Cleaning?Proper home maintenance during the winter includes tightly sealing storm windows, doors and any other sources of frigid drafts. While this lets you keep your home warm effectively, it prevents air from being exchanged with air outdoors. As the air is recirculated, the indoor air quality declines. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can avoid this problem.

Air Filtration Systems

1.    The primary purpose of an air filtration system is to keep the furnace clean. When dirty air is sent through the HVAC system, trace amounts of residue cling to the furnace. A dirty furnace will not run efficiently and may even become damaged.

2.    The holes in a standard filter are small enough to trap dirt without hampering the airflow. They are too large to trap most allergens, though.

3.    High MERV-rated filters have tiny holes that trap mold, dust, pollen and other allergens effectively. These filters prevent air from moving through easily, causing the furnace to work harder and raising the cost of heating your home.

Air Cleaners

1.    An air cleaner, also known as an air purifier, installed with your HVAC system will protect the furnace effectively.

2.    The air cleaner removes over 99 percent of the debris in the air. This includes particles too small to be caught in standard air filters, including pollen, mold, or other particles known to cause allergic reactions.

Which Should I Choose?

An experienced HVAC technician can explain what your options are, but you know your family’s needs better than anybody else. If your main concern is the furnace, then an air filtration system will be plenty. However, if you have asthmatics or members of your family with other allergies, the air cleaners will do a better job of meeting your needs.

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