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Using The EnerGuide Label When Upgrading HVAC Equipment

energuide label calgary albertaWhen it’s time to upgrade your home HVAC equipment, you need as much information as possible to make an informed and well-reasoned choice. Heating, cooling and ventilating equipment is complex, and many factors will affect efficiency, effectiveness and cost of operation. A reliable source of information for customers in Calgary and throughout Canada is the EnerGuide label. Using the EnerGuide label will help you make better choices.

The EnerGuide program is an initiative of the government of Canada, intended to help consumers make informed choices when selecting energy-consuming equipment. EnerGuide tests and rates the energy consumption and efficiency of a variety of common household items and pieces of HVAC equipment. You can find EnerGuide labels on items such as:

  • Household appliances
  • Central and room air conditioners
  • Ventilating systems and fans
  • Forced-air furnaces (electric, gas, oil and propane)
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Water heaters
  • Houses
  • Vehicles

EnerGuide labels contain information that allows purchasers to compare the performance, energy consumption and efficiency of products they’re evaluating. For example, a main feature of the EnerGuide label will be a bar-type scale that describes a range of efficiency levels. The efficiency rating of the equipment bearing the label will be clearly marked on that bar scale, showing the efficiency ratings of that product and indicating how it compares with similar types of equipment. The label may also include information such as the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), energy efficiency ratio (EER), cooling capacity and annual energy consumption rates.

EnerGuide labels will also carry the Energy Star symbol if the equipment has been certified as Energy Star compliant. Participants in the Energy Star program can have their products and equipment officially tested and evaluated for energy efficiency. Energy Star equipment will meet or exceed the minimum standards for energy efficiency as established by the Canadian government.

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