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Summer’s End Is In Sight: Use These Operational Tips To Improve Your Air Conditioning System

Managing energy bills can be difficult. Heating costs for Alberta winters can soar unless you have efficient equipment and a tight home seal. And while heating bills typically encompass a significant portion of energy use, the cost to cool your home in the summer can add up, too. Homeowners can use the tips below to get maximum efficiency from cooling systems – even during the last days of summer – and help reduce expenditures for the home’s total heating and cooling throughout the year.

Get what you pay for. You pay for every kilowatt (kW) of energy that the air conditioning system consumes, so you should enjoy every ounce of that air. The vents around your home that deliver conditioned air should be free of obstructions. If this action doesn’t increase comfort or savings, there may be a problem with your ductwork, the system that delivers air. Have it checked by an HVAC professional.

Set the thermostat for energy savings. Most people are comfortable when home temperatures are between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius. The higher you set your thermostat – and still stay comfortable – the more energy you save.

Save when you’re not at home. Install a programmable thermostat to set the temperature ahead in your home when you leave or when you’re sleeping. To avoid higher costs associated with the air conditioning system cycling on and off, you should choose this option only when you intend to set the thermostat ahead for more than four hours. This is when you can get energy-saving benefits from higher temperatures.

Get preventive maintenance. Caring for your A/C system is important. Without proper care and cleaning, you’ll end up paying for more energy, as the system has to work harder and longer to produce cooled air. Your comfort can be compromised as well. If your A/C hasn’t had maintenance yet this year, call Arpi’s today.

Your air conditioning system can function efficiently right up until summer’s end, and you’ll see a reduction in energy costs. Contact the experts at Arpi’s for help with air circulation, programmable thermostats and preventive maintenance.

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