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Smart Thermostats: Technology That Keeps You Connected

Smart Thermostats: Technology That Keeps You ConnectedWe all want a little more control over our households (and lives, in general). Smart thermostats are a great way to get the control over your cooling and heating needs that you desire. Install one in your Calgary area home and not only will you be more comfortable, you’ll save on energy costs as well.

The power of programmable thermostats

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat in your home, you have no idea what you’re missing. Being able to set the days and times when your cooling and heating equipment switches on and off, you help to eliminate those times when you leave home without turning off your system or arrive home after work to find the place too hot or too cold. This improvement over manual units helps you decrease your energy usage by lowering its waste.

The added benefits of smart thermostats

Never happy with the status quo, the HVAC industry introduced smart thermostats to provide even more control. Featuring the same features as their programmable predecessors, these units also provide these benefits:

  • Internet connectivity — Away from home when you realize that you’re going to be late and your thermostat is going to kick on? Simply access the unit through an internet connection and make any necessary changes.
  • strong>Smartphone app — If having access through the internet isn’t quite convenient enough for you, certain models of smart thermostats feature the ability to download an app to your smartphone and control the unit from there.
  • Energy chart — Comparing your energy usage over a period of time will help you get your energy costs and usage under control. A smart thermostat will provide you this information in an easy to read chart.
  • Learning capability — Within a very short period of time, your smart thermostat will learn your scheduling habits and automatically make alterations for you.

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