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Save Money and Energy in Your Home with a Zoning System

Save Money and Energy in Your Home with a Zoning SystemHow many rooms in your home can your family be in at one time? Your HVAC system sends equal amounts of air to the entire house, whether there are people in a particular room or not. This wastes a lot of energy and it also results in disparate temperatures between rooms. Therefore, one of the best investments to save money and energy in your home is a zoning system.

How Zoning Helps

The temperature across your entire home is regulated by one thermostat, in a specific room of the house. If that room isn’t warm enough, it sends warm air everywhere at once, even if the rooms upstairs are already broiling. A zoning system gives you more control over your home’s comfort settings, by dividing it into separate areas or zones based on their specific heating and cooling needs, and putting a thermostat in each zone.

If, in winter, one zone is too cold, the HVAC system sends warm air only to that zone. If another zone is getting too warm, it diverts the air to other zones that need it more. Perhaps more importantly, you can also program it to shut off a zone entirely, if no one is occupying it. If the entire family is in the dining room having dinner, then the empty upstairs bedrooms don’t need to be heated or cooled. In this way, your system only uses as much air, and energy, as is needed.

Do You Need Zoning?

Would your home would benefit from a zoning system? Here are some features of homes that are most conducive to zoning:

  • Multiple stories
  • Sprawling, ranch-style design
  • High, cathedral-style ceilings
  • Large glass doors or windows, that let the sunlight in
  • Rooms with no windows or outside exposure
  • A sunroom or loft

If your home has any of these features, or you simply experience disparate temperatures and want to heat and cool your home more efficiently, then consider a zoning system to help you save money and energy.

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