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Reading Humidity Levels In Your Home: Learn When A Humidification System May Help

humidification systems calgary albertaReading humidity levels in your home can confirm whether your home’s air is too moist — and later, let you know if the issue has been corrected. Especially in winter, low humidity is a common issue for local householders here in the Calgary area.

Does your home have a humidity problem?

As humans, we all need a certain amount of humidity to feel comfortable and for our health. Too little humidity can cause trouble for Canadian homeowners. To see just how bad the problem might be, take a measurement of the moisture level (the amount of water vapour) in the air. The tool you’ll need is a hygrometer, purchased from your local hardware. Indoor RH (relative humidity) should range from 30 to 50 percent. The level should be closer to the low end when the outdoor temperature is below minus-10 degrees Celsius.


Since low in-home humidity might be caused by cold, dry outdoor air leaking in, you may need to seal the house better, making it even more airtight. Caulking and using other appropriate measures to seal drafts should ease humidity concerns by keeping out that dry, frigid air. You’ll notice a decrease in your energy costs as well.

If, after sealing, low humidity levels in your home are still causing discomfort, consider a whole-house solution. Left unchecked, overly dry air could even damage furnishings and the home’s structure itself. Your next step — consider installing a whole-home humidifier. Integrated seamlessly into your home comfort system, working with your furnace, a whole house system is ideal. Be sure to select a contractor with experience and good references because installation and proper maintenance are key to your family’s comfort and the prevention of the opposite moisture problem, excess moisture.

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