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Protecting Your HVAC System During a Home Remodel

Protecting Your HVAC System During a Home RemodelWhen planning a home remodeling project, you’d be wise to sit down and take stock of how the work will affect other areas of your home. One of the most significant areas of concern is your HVAC system. Take measures to protect your air conditioner, furnace and ventilation system from dust, dirt and debris during remodeling.


Schedule your remodel around the weather. For best results protecting your HVAC system, it should be off during the remodel. That means scheduling most of the work during the warm season, when you won’t need the furnace.


Call an HVAC consultant while you’re still in the planning stage of the project. Share the plans and find out if your remodel will have an impact on the cooling and heating. You might find ways to eliminate cold or warm zones during the remodel, and to rearrange the ductwork so that it works more efficiently.

Protecting the HVAC

There are several important steps to take to protect the HVAC while the project is proceeding. Do the following:

  1. Keep the HVAC system turned off while work is taking place to keep out dust and debris.
  2. Close off vents and registers so that dust doesn’t get sucked into the intake and get distributed through the ductwork and the home.
  3. Do everything in the way of prep work outside, so to avoid creating unnecessary dust inside the home.
  4. Use a plastic tarp to close off areas where work is occurring, so dust doesn’t travel to other parts of the home.
  5. Keep the work area clean and free of dust. After work ends each day, try to clean up around the project so that dust, dirt and other debris are minimized.
  6. Check and change the air filter regularly if you use the HVAC system at all during the project.


Once the project is finished, have the HVAC system and ductwork inspected and cleaned if necessary before you resume operation. Change the air filter.

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