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The Pros of Variable-Speed HVAC Technology

Variable Speed HVAC for Calgary HomesNumerous advances in technology have helped make HVAC systems more efficient without sacrificing comfort or performance. Variable-speed HVAC systems are one such innovation, providing homes with an efficient yet effective way of maintaining cooling comfort. As variable-speed technology becomes widespread among HVAC systems, it’s worth seeing how it can benefit your home.

How Variable-Speed Technology Works

Like any other HVAC system, variable-speed units contain a compressor and indoor air blower motor. However, these components operate at only a single, preset speed. That means a typical HVAC system must cycle its motors on and off to preserve preset temperature settings, wasting some of energy in the process.

In a variable-speed HVAC system, however, the compressor and blower motor are both capable of speeding up or slowing down their motor speeds according to your home’s HVAC needs. For instance, the blower motor and compressor can ramp up to meet immediate cooling demand, only to scale back and operate at a fraction of their speed during low-demand periods.

Variable-Speed Benefits

If you’re planning on an HVAC upgrade in the near future, there are plenty of reasons why variable-speed HVAC systems deserve a closer look:

  • Quieter Operation – Variable-speed units can operate at lower speeds that produce less noise, delivering a quieter climate control experience.
  • Greater Comfort – Longer run times at lower speeds allow for more even cooling throughout your home, resulting in improved overall comfort.
  • Improved Humidity Control – Since a variable-speed unit runs longer, it’ll have more time to effectively remove excess humidity from your home’s indoor air.
  • Better Energy Efficiency – Variable-speed units are better at managing their power consumption, resulting in less energy used along with lower monthly energy bills and lower maintenance costs.

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