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The Most Energy-Efficient Windows

The Most Energy-Efficient WindowsThe windows in your home can be a source of significant air leaks and energy loss. They can also be one of your best defenses against the waste of air and energy and the increases in monthly costs they cause. Here are some points to consider when selecting energy-efficient windows for residential applications.

Window Material

  • Double-pane windows — These windows are made from two sheets of glass separated by metal strips at the edges. They may also contain an inert gas to increase insulation properties. They are highly energy-efficient options for your windows.
  • Low-e glass — Low emissivity glass has a coating that reflects sunlight and heat, making it very energy efficient, especially in double-pane applications.

Non-Opening Windows

Fixed-pane windows are not designed to open. This means they can’t be used for natural ventilation. However, they are well-sealed, insulated, and airtight, so they are highly energy efficient. Consider these types of windows if you have a high-efficiency home and will have other sources of ventilation.

Windows That Open

Windows that open allow for natural ventilation from fresh outdoor air, but they can be a source of energy and air leaks.

  • Awning windows are hinged at the top and casement windows at the side. Both types of windows open outward. Hopper windows have hinges at the bottom and open inward. When these windows are closed, the sash presses against the frame, creating a relatively efficient air seal. They are a good choice if you want to retain the ability to open your windows.
  • Single- and double-hung windows have sashes that slide up and down for quick, easy opening. With single-hung windows, only the bottom sash slides. In double-hung models, both sashes slide.
  • Single- and double-sliding windows also have moving sashes, but these move from side to side. Single-sliding models have only one moving sash, while double-sliding units have two moving sashes.

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