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Money Saving Tips for Winter

While it’s fairly easy to sail through summer with low energy bills, saving money on energy during the winter is much more of a challenge. These tips will help you cut your heating costs without sacrificing any of your comfort during the heating season.

Have your system serviced.

The deep cleaning and adjustments that the HVAC pro makes go a long way toward improving energy efficiency. HVAC technicians make every effort to bring the equipment back to its original factory settings. Not only will it consume less fuel, it will also have fewer breakdowns. During the annual inspection, the technician will spot problems that could escalate into bigger problems. When they’re addressed, the likelihood of a sudden problem developing is much lower.

Supplement indoor humidity.

Not only is dry air hard on your health and that of your home, it also makes you feel colder. When you increase the indoor humidity, it will feel warmer and you’ll be able to turn down the thermostat. The most accurate, simplest and most energy efficient way to increase humidity is with a whole-house humidifier added to your furnace. Its advantages include:

  • Precise control over humidity level.
  • Infrequent maintenance.
  • Automatic filling and draining.
  • Balanced humidity throughout your home.

Consider using a programmable thermostat.

Saving money may be no more difficult than setting the temperature lower at night and when you’re away during the day. A programmable thermostat simplifies this money-saving tip.

You can set the thermostat to start warming your home before you rise in the morning so it’s comfortable. After everyone leaves in the morning, set it to turn the temperature back down for more energy savings. Program it to resume your preferred temperatures when your family returns.

These tips are not only helpful for saving money on heating costs, they’ll also improve your comfort. To learn more, contact the pros at Arpi’s Industries. We provide HVAC services for Calgary-area homeowners.

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