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Low Efficiency? Ductwork Maintenance Can Be to Blame

If you’re concerned about a decline in energy efficiency and comfort in your home, neglected duct maintenance may be to blame.

Giving your ductwork some well-deserved attention can help solve issues like damage, disconnected sections, or a lack of proper sealing and insulating that are costing you 20 percent or more of your HVAC’s conditioned air output.

Signs Your Home Needs Ductwork Maintenance

If you can identify with one or more of the following signs, having an experienced HVAC contractor inspect your ductwork is worthwhile:

  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Poor temperature control
  • Rooms or areas that are often too cold or hot
  • Obvious ductwork damage
  • Ducts installed in unfinished areas, like your attic, garage or basement

Benefits of Duct Assessment and Maintenance

A ductwork assessment performed by a skilled HVAC professional can reveal issues that deserve attention – such as leaks, damage that needs repair, or a lack of sealing and insulation. A pro can also verify that your HVAC system airflow is balanced, the duct design is effective, the ducts are properly sized, and whether there are a sufficient number of return ducts.

After a thorough inspection and assessment, a technician can advise you about the measures needed to improve your duct system’s performance. Once the ducts are in good condition, you’ll reap benefits like:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Getting damage and flaws repaired and corrected, then having the ducts sealed and insulated can significantly reduce conditioned air losses. You’ll also notice a drop in your HVAC equipment’s energy consumption and correspondingly lower energy bills.
  • Greater home comfort. After taking steps to improve air distribution and limit conditioned air losses, you’ll have fewer problems with uneven temperatures and hot or cold spots, and you’ll find it easier to keep the house at your chosen comfort level.
  • Healthier air quality. With properly-maintained ductwork, allergens and contaminants won’t get drawn in from wall voids, the attic or basement. There’s also less risk that dangerous combustion fumes will backdraft into your air supply.

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