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Look for These Central A/C Features When Buying a New System

Look for These Central A/C Features When Buying a New SystemChoosing a new cooling system for your home may be one of the more complex processes you go through, which is why it’s important to look for certain central A/C features when you begin shopping. Paying attention to the following basics of central cooling system selection promotes energy efficiency and comfort. 

Energy Efficiency

The minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating for cooling systems in Canada stands at 14, but systems are available with SEER ratings that reach the mid-20s. Each single increase in the SEER rating indicates the system uses 10 percent less energy for the same amount of cooling.


In the world of cooling systems, bigger isn’t better. Before you select your next system, insist that the HVAC contractors you consider conduct a thorough load calculation of your home using computer software to find the best size for the new equipment. A system that’s too large will drive up energy bills, leave humidity behind and have a reduced life span. If it’s too small, it’ll work too hard on exceptionally hot days.

Running Speeds

A system that operates at variable speeds works well for both cooling and dehumidifying homes, and it’s one of the best central A/C features for this climate. Although the primary function of air conditioners is to remove heat from the air, they also take out some water vapor. 

Variable speed systems automatically adjust their running speeds to your home’s need for cooling. Most of the time they run at a lower speed for longer periods, which helps them condense more water from the air. They’re also quieter, use less energy and tend to last longer.

Filter Check Light

It’s always a bonus when a new central system has a filter check light to alert you that it’s time to check the air filter and change it. Dirty air filters drive up energy costs, cause mechanical problems and shorten the system’s life.

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