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Insulation For Calgary Homes: Where To Use It And What Type To Use

Insulation For Calgary Homes: Where To Use It And What Type To UseYour Calgary home requires enough insulation to keep the heat that your furnace produces inside — so that you and your family stay comfortable throughout the winter — and to offset high energy bills. In order to upgrade insulation and create an effective heat barrier, you need to know which type of insulation to use and where to use it.

The ability of insulation to prevent the movement of heat out of the home is not the only factor that you need to consider. You should also evaluate:

  • Its ability to resist extreme temperatures
  • How well insulation can resist the movement of moisture
  • Its ability to withstand the movement of air

The type of insulation you choose will depend greatly on where you want to install insulation. There are several types of insulation that can work in a variety of locations:

  • BattThis type of insulation is easily used in open spaces, and can be cut to match the unique outline of a space. However, it will not fit in highly irregular spaces. This type is ideal for unfinished spaces, such as a wall cavity or attic.
  • Loose-fill – As its name implies, this type of insulation can be blown or poured into almost any space, and it’s ideal for use in areas that are irregularly shaped. It is also useful when adding to existing insulation, kind of like topping off a glass, in an enclosed space.
  • Rigid foam board – This type of insulation has several advantages: It is highly efficient; it is a lighter material, so it’s fairly easy to work with; and you can cut it to fit the location. However, like batt insulation, it doesn’t work well in tight or irregular spaces. You can also purchase rigid insulation that combines other properties, like resistance to moisture and fire. Rigid insulation generally comes in low density and high density boards.

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