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Improved Technology: Lennox iComfort s30 Thermostat

Taking HVAC functionality to the next level, the Lennox iComfort s30 Wi-Fi thermostat delivers features and intuitive technology to optimize heating and cooling performance and convenience. Precision control of household comfort has come a long way since the old-school mechanical thermostats. Demands for greater energy-efficiency, lower operating costs and a more consistent indoor environment continue to drive new product development.

With its elegant tablet interface, the iComfort s30 from Lennox is user-friendly and readily adaptable to your lifestyle. Wi-Fi capability adds full remote monitoring and control of your home’s indoor environment from any internet connection.

Here are some of the standout features of the iComfort s30:

Smart When You’re Away

The innovative SmartAway mode detects when you’ve left the house. The s30 integrates a smartphone app with the phone’s GPS function to know when you’re away and shifts temperature settings into energy-saving mode. As GPS location of you or other family member indicates you’re returning, the system reverts to comfort mode temperature settings to greet you.

Anti-Allergy Function

Airborne particulates like dust and pollen are common allergy triggers for many people. The s30 includes sensing technology to detect high levels of airborne particulates. The system responds by increasing fan speed to filter circulating air faster and at higher volumes, reducing particulate count in indoor air.

Just Say the Word

The iComfort s30 now includes compatibility with the Amazon Alexa home voice command system. Always listening, Alexa interfaces with the s30 to voice-automate functions such as asking for current temperature, adjusting the system to a specific temperature, or general requests like simply “Make it warmer” or “Make it cooler.”

What it Feels Like

Optimal indoor comfort is a combination of temperature and relative humidity. The temperature you “feel” is what counts—not necessarily the raw number on the thermometer. The iComfort thermostat allows you to input a desired “feels like” setting, then produces that comfort level by calculating a specific combination of temperature and relative humidity.

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