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Improve Your IAQ With an Air Advice Monitor

If you’ve ever wondered about the true health of your indoor air quality, an Air Advice Monitor can remove the uncertainty.

Air samples gathered inside your house by this device are remotely analyzed to identify and quantify specific airborne pollutants that may compromise air quality and cause allergic reactions or other physical symptoms. With this information, your HVAC contractor can suggest targeted air purification strategies to neutralize these threats and restore healthy air quality.

The status of indoor air is an increasing concern. Today’s energy-efficient homes are built to very air-tight standards and typically receive minimal fresh air exchange. Instead, indoor air pollutants may accumulate inside the well-sealed structure to levels that may pose a health threat.

Here’s how the Air Advice Monitor provides you and your HVAC contractor with the necessary data to take effective corrective measures.

  • As part of a routine service call, a qualified HVAC technician sets up the Model 5200 IAQ Monitor. The monitor samples and quantifies levels of airborne pollutants such as chemical vapors including volatile organic compounds, dust and other particulates, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The monitor also reports indoor temperature and relative humidity. Data is gathered at one-minute intervals and sampling continues for 30 minutes.
  • After sampling is concluded, the Monitor transmits the data to central servers where results are automatically analyzed and a report is generated, usually within 5 minutes.


  • Results detailed in the report are presented to the homeowner. Your qualified HVAC contractor will offer specific strategies to eliminate air quality issues that may be present in the home.
  • HVAC-related solutions to poor air qualtiy include options such as more efficient air filtration, balanced ventilation to ensure adequate fresh air exchange, diagnosing and resolving ductwork issues, controlling indoor humidity and scheduled preventive maintenance to keep heating and cooling systems at optimum performance.

The air quality professionals at Arpi’s Industries have more information about the benefits of an Air Advice Monitor to safeguard your indoor air quality.