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HVAC Maintenance and Replacement Timeline

HVAC systems are a big investment for most homeowners. If you want to make sure you get many years of comfort back as a return on your investment, it’s important to follow a proper HVAC maintenance timeline.

In the Beginning: Buying Your HVAC System

If you’re buying your HVAC system new, the first step in your timeline is consulting an HVAC contractor. A certified contractor will be able to help you determine the appropriate size for your HVAC system, ensuring that it is able to run efficiently. Trained installers will make sure the system is set up correctly from the beginning.

Monthly Filter Checks

A simple but surprisingly important maintenance task is checking your air filter. Dirty air filters force your HVAC system to work harder. They also create a greater opportunity for small particles to get into the working parts of your machinery, causing wear and tear.

The best practice when it comes to filters is to check it monthly. Change it if it’s dirty, or leave it for another month if it appears clean. Regardless of appearances, change the filter at least every three months. Microscopic allergens and other pollutants can collect in the filter even when you don’t see them.

Twice-Yearly Service Calls

Another way to make sure your HVAC system lasts is to schedule bi-annual routine maintenance. In general, you would schedule a checkup for your air conditioner in the spring before the weather starts to get hot. In the fall, you’d schedule a checkup for your furnace. Many homeowners avoid the hassle of remembering to schedule these service calls by signing up for a yearly service agreement.

During a routine maintenance call, the service technician checks the machinery to be sure it is properly lubricated and functioning as it should. Electrical connections are inspected and tightened if necessary. The technician looks for cracks, leaks, pressure issues, or any other signs of problems. Often the technician can catch issues before they need costly repairs.

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