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Your HVAC System — There’s More to How It Works Than You Think

Your HVAC System -- There's More to How It Works Than You ThinkThe HVAC system in your home consists of a combination of systems that all work together to provide optimal comfort levels. It is helpful to know how the various systems work together, especially if you need to figure out what is wrong when the HVAC unit malfunctions. Knowing how all the parts fit is also beneficial when you want to discuss repairs or upgrades to the system with your HVAC contractor.

What’s in an HVAC System?

  • Ventilation – the ventilation system includes the ductwork, fans to circulate air and the air vents and registers. The ductwork system allows airflow from the heating or cooling systems to the conditioned rooms. The fans force the air through the ductwork system and regulate the airflow. Poor airflow due to obstructions, debris or dirty ductwork will prevent your HVAC system from operating efficiently. It is crucial that the ductwork system is checked for dust or debris build-up and for leaks on a regular basis.
  • Heating and Cooling– Air is drawn into the supply registers and either warmed in the winter in the furnace or cooled by the central air conditioner and circulated throughout the home by the air handler. In the case of the A/C, refrigerant carries heat away from the home to the outdoor compressor and condenser, where it is exhausted to the outdoors.
  • Thermostats – The thermostat activates the various systems based on the temperature that you have selected. If the air inside the house is colder than the thermostat temperature, the furnace will be activated. If the air inside the house is warmer than the thermostat temperature, the air conditioning unit will be activated,

Newer systems can save homeowners a lot of money on energy bills due to the improved energy-efficiency of these units.

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