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How to Save Money on HVAC Energy Bills This Summer

Seasonal heat can drive up your HVAC summer energy bills, and these tips can help you lower them. Routine maintenance can cut your energy costs without having to resort to warmer temperatures.

Service Your HVAC Regularly

When you have a professional from Arpi’s Industries inspect your system, you are not only prolonging the life of your air conditioner, you’re also lowering the cooling costs. The technician will clean and adjust all the components of the system. Checking the refrigerant level is also part of the annual servicing. If it’s too low, your energy bills will be higher and you run the risk of freezing the coil inside the air handler, which harms your system.

Change the Air Filter Routinely

It’s critical to run your cooling system with a clean air filter to cut high energy costs. Running your HVAC system with a dirty filter will slow the air flow through the blower or air handler. It will take longer to cool your home, which drives up energy costs.

Use Ceiling Fans

Besides being decorative, ceiling fans cut HVAC summer energy bills. The fans circulate the air, which helps the moisture on your skin dry faster. The evaporative process cools your skin quickly. To save even more energy, turn off the fans when you leave the room. Fans don’t actually lower the temperature.

Be Sure Vents Are Clear

Open vents create the optimal airflow into the room. Check the vents periodically for blockages, either from blockages caused by fabrics, furniture, or toys. A dust buildup also slows the airflow.

Use a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

These thermostats let you adjust the temperatures based on your occupancy patterns. Increase the temperature while you’re routinely away and lower it just before you return.

To learn more about lowering your HVAC summer energy bills, contact the pros at Arpi’s Industries. We provided trusted HVAC services for Calgary area homeowners.

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