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How to Know That an HVAC Company is Reputable

How to Know That an HVAC Company is ReputableIf you do a quick search for “HVAC companies” in your computer browser, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve got plenty of choices. But how do you know which ones will provide professional and reliable service or installation at a reasonable price? Your home’s HVAC system is too great an investment, in both financial and personal terms, to leave in the hands of an inept, inexperienced, or unscrupulous HVAC company.

While it’s easy enough to detect poor customer service by the way a technician looks, acts, or talks, you should take other steps to make sure the HVAC company can be trusted. Following are a few indicators for quality customer service:

  • Beware if the contractor insists on offering an estimate for an installation or major repair over the phone, without coming to your home and inspecting your system and/or needs.
  • The technician should arrive on schedule and look and act professionally.
  • The technician should make an effort to understand the history of the problem you’re having with your A/C or furnace. They should ask about you and your family’s usage habits.
  • At the end of the service call, the technician should provide a clear diagnosis of the problem, and then explain what the repair will entail in terms of time and money.
  • If you are getting a heating or cooling system upgrade, the technician should explain your options in terms or energy efficiency levels and advanced features. They should recommend a heating or cooling load calculation (for a heating or cooling system, respectively) as a mandatory step toward sizing your new system.

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