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How Did Your Furnace Perform This Winter?

As winter comes to a close, you should be assessing your furnace performance. Even though you put forth your best efforts to protect your heating system’s efficiency by performing routine filter changes, scheduling professional maintenance, and taking other safety measures, there’ll come a time when the system will need replacement.

Here’s what you should include in your inspection list to evaluate how your furnace performed during the winter and establish whether it’s reached the end of its service life.

Higher Energy Bills

One of the best ways to determine furnace performance is comparing energy bills to those of previous winters. Are your recent monthly bills significantly high? Do they seem to be increasing with each passing winter? Your furnace may have entered its golden years and is using up extra energy in a bid to keep your house warm.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Did your heating equipment run for long periods without achieving your desired temperature? If you don’t find any blocked intake vents or air duct leaks, then this is a sign you have a sluggish furnace. The motor on your system should send out heated air throughout your house. Over time, it loses its efficiency, which causes lower airflow and, as a result, less heat. The faulty motor could need repair or indicate your furnace is nearing the end of its life.

Unusual Noises

Establishing your furnace performance can be as simple as listening. If you notice intermittent or continuous odd noises like popping, knocking, rattling, or squeaking, that could be an indication of a system that should be replaced.

Performance Problems

Did your furnace require numerous repairs this year? Did it ever shut itself off and fail to restart immediately? These could be signs of an aging furnace.

If your furnace has exhibited the signs above this winter, it’s probably more cost effective to replace it.

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