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How A/C Surge Protectors Save You Money

How A/C Surge Protectors Save You MoneyWhen you consider the cost-saving benefits of surge protection, you might think of protecting your expensive electronics like televisions and computers from being ruined. You may not realize that a surge protector can also safeguard one of the most costly and essential systems in your home, the air conditioning.

Common Causes of Power Surges

While electrical storms and lightning strikes are the most well-known cause of power surges, potentially damaging fluctuations in the electrical supply in your home can occur for other reasons too, such as:

  • Downed power lines
  • Power outages
  • Power plant maintenance
  • Faulty home wiring
  • Faulty or aged electrical components
  • On-off cycling of major appliances


Why Your A/C is Vulnerable to Power Fluctuations

It used to be that HVAC systems were largely comprised of mechanical equipment, and contained few electronic components. Technology has advanced, however, and the HVAC equipment available today is designed with electronic components to enhance energy efficiency. This makes them more susceptible to various degrees of damage from power fluctuations and surges:

  • A large surge in the power supply can cause a catastrophic cooling equipment failure that’s not repairable, which leaves you facing an expensive component replacement that’s not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A less serious disturbance can cause damage to the HVAC that requires a costly repair.
  • Repeated minor power fluctuations can cause internal damage that may not get noticed. The components might keep working, but may not last for their full expected lifespan.


How to Protect Your HVAC System Against Power Surges

Roughly 20 percent of electrical surges originate from outside sources, and 80 percent from fluctuations within your home’s electrical system. Since it’s impossible to prevent these incidents from occurring, you should talk to an experienced pro about your surge protection options. For comprehensive protection against costly HVAC system damage, you might be advised to install a dedicated surge protector for each cooling system component, as well as a whole-home device.

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