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Here is How to Know You’re Working With a Quality HVAC Company

Here is How to Know You're Working With a Quality HVAC CompanyYour HVAC system is probably the most expensive equipment in your house. That’s why you need assurance that anyone who performs HVAC installations or repairs in your home does a quality job. But how do you assess whether a company is likely to provide quality customer service?

There are some hallmarks that communicate high standards of professionalism when you’re shopping for an HVAC company. Here are a few of them.

Standards for Rating a Quality HVAC Company

1. They’ve been in business for a while.

While a new company is not necessarily a bad company, an established HVAC company that has been in business for a number of years has probably been doing something right.

2. Their reviews are mostly favorable.

Although a degree of skepticism is healthy when it comes to online reviews such as those found on sites like Yelp, they can help with your decision. Too many over-the-top reviews, and you might expect some self promotion is going on; on the other hand, beware extremely negative reviews, as someone may be unjustly trying to damage the company’s reputation. Also look at reviews from the Better Business Bureau (if the company is a member). Do call references and ask detailed questions about customer satisfaction.

3. They practice good customer service.

Look for a polite, courteous response when you call a company; if you’re contacting them online, look for a quick response to your query. The company representative should make a firm commitment about when a representative will arrive at your home. When it comes to installations, beware of a company that gives you an estimate over the phone.

4. They maintain a professional image.

Technicians should be neatly dressed and wearing company uniforms. Company vehicles should be in good repair. Also, a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website signals a commitment to professionalism.

5. The company has up-to-date licenses and insurance.

Always verify that licenses are up to date and whether the contractor has liability insurance.

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