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Have You Checked Your Furnace Filter Lately?

Have You Checked Your Furnace Filter Lately?Here in Alberta, we’re no strangers to the cold. We rely on our heating systems to get us through the winter months comfortably. What happens, though, if your furnace doesn’t seem to be functioning as it should? Does it mean that your heating equipment is failing? While there could be a larger problem at hand, chances are that your issues could be resolved through a simple furnace filter change. In fact, you’d be amazed at all of the benefits that can come from doing so. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Changing Your Furnace Filter

Why should you care about changing your furnace filter? Here are a few reasons to keep you motivated:

  • Extend Furnace Life — One of the most common reasons why a furnace wears out early or starts underperforming is that its filter was neglected. The buildup of dirt and debris restricts airflow and causes overheating, both of which put unnecessary strain on equipment. Taking a few minutes to tend to this chore will add years onto your system’s life.
  • Improve Air Quality — Who wouldn’t like to breathe a little easier? Keep your air clean and free from unwanted and harmful pollutants by changing the filter.
  • Lower Your Bills — A furnace with a clean and clear filter runs a lot more efficiently than one with a clogged filter, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Prevent System Breakdowns — The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down or stop running during the middle of the winter. When your filter is changed regularly, your system will experience a lot less strain and will be less prone to problems that could compromise your home comfort, stress levels, and wallet.

When to Change Your Furnace Filter

As a rule of thumb, your furnace filter should be changed before you operate your system for the first time during the season, and once a month thereafter. Get more money-saving energy tips from the pros at Arpi’s Home Comfort Solutions. We handle the home comfort demands of Calgary and its neighbouring areas. 

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