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Ductwork Problems? Narrow Down the Source

Ductwork Problems? Narrow Down the SourceYour ductwork is the circulatory system of you home’s air network, and if there’s a problem with it, you may not be getting heated, cooled or filtered air in all the places you need it. Ductwork problems can negatively impact home comfort, energy efficiency and even home safety. In fact, in many homes, ductwork issues are responsible for the loss of 25 percent to 40 percent of the energy expended in heating and cooling air.

To recoup those losses, increase home comfort and keep your ductwork functioning as it should, pay attention to these common trouble spots:

  • Air filters and other items can be sucked into the duct system, blocking airflow and even presenting a fire risk if they should be carried near the furnace’s blower assembly fan.
  • Flue dampers, duct dampers and fire dampers are fire-safety mechanisms that stop smoke and superheated air from circulating in the event of a fire. However, they can become stuck in closed or partly-closed positions during day-to-day operation, obstructing airflow.
  • One of the more common problems is that of leaky ductwork. Unsealed ducts can mean that conditioned air escapes before it ever gets to its destination, with an additional loss in energy efficiency.
  • Dirty blades on blower fans can reduce the ability of your ventilation system to circulate air, either into the furnace or air conditioner or out of it, into living spaces. In some situations, the lack of air circulation may contribute to units overheating.
  • Loose or collapsed insulation in ducts can block airflow, contribute to duct leaks, or even present a fire hazard.
  • Dust buildup, especially in the return-air portion of your ductwork, can negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality as well as cause more work for blower fans and filters.

If you’re concerned about ductwork problems or would like information on duct cleaning and maintenance, don’t hesitate to visit us at Arpi’s Industries, Ltd. We’ve worked with homes and businesses for more than 50 years to meet their individual HVAC needs.

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