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Ductless Mini Splits: Advanced Heating And Cooling Options

Most homes in the greater Calgary area already have a forced-air system, which makes it easy to add ductless mini splits, whether you need to supplement central A/C or you need a low-cost alternative to central cooling.

Supplementing existing cooling

If you already have central air conditioning, extending ductwork to a new space, like a remodeled room over your garage or an addition on the back of your home, is a costly endeavor.

Ductless mini splits are an effective solution because they don’t require ductwork. Individual air handlers can be installed in your new spaces and connected to a single outdoor unit through a central conduit. The means you can add cooling at a marginal cost compared to the costs of adding ductwork.

In addition, if you were to extend central A/C, you’d probably need a new A/C in order to meet the higher cooling load of your home.

Alternative to central A/C

Adding central A/C may also be cost prohibitive for some homeowners. Ductless mini splits can be used to provide cooling to just a few spaces within your home, allowing you to add up to four indoor air handlers, with most units cooling to up to 111 square metres.

Mini splits also offer a higher degree of efficiency. Ducted systems are susceptible to energy losses through duct leaks, decreasing the overall efficiency potential that a central air conditioner can offer.

Ductless mini splits offer additional benefits, too:

  • Energy savings – You can control each air handler individually, which allows you to shut off an air handler when a room isn’t in use, saving energy. Most systems come with remote control, allowing you to easily adjust the systems’ output, too.
  • Comfort – With a central A/C, you’re restricted to one home temperature. Each air handler with a ductless mini split, however, can be individually adjusted. In that way, you can increase the temperature in areas that require more cooling, without affecting comfort in other areas.

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