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Duct Cleaning Can Help–In These 5 Scenarios

Duct Cleaning Can Help--In These 5 ScenariosForced-air heating and cooling equipment are particularly prone to dirt buildup, because the force of the air circulating throughout your home will pick up dust and pollutants and spread them through your equipment—and that includes the ductwork. Duct cleaning is often helpful to clean up the dust and debris that will build over time within the duct pipes.

Because ducts are simply passageways through which conditioned air travels, they don’t create dust. So having your ducts cleaned won’t affect your home’s indoor air quality. But they can become a gathering place for dust and other particles that are present in your home.

There are several scenarios that can signal that it’s time for duct cleaning:

  • You’ve never had it done. Over time, the return-air portion of the ductwork becomes particularly prone to dust buildup because this section of the system isn’t filtered like the supply-air portion is. Significant dust buildup on return registers can be a sure sign that your ductwork is dirty.
  • You’ve just moved into a new home. Unless you know when the previous homeowners cleaned the ducts, having a professional clean the system will give you peace of mind about its condition.
  • You’re building a new home or remodeling. Ductwork is often susceptible to significant dirt buildup that construction activities generate, and dust and sawdust particles that find their way onto other surfaces in your home will also find their way into the ductwork.
  • You see evidence of mould. Mould problems are often a result of water in the ducts. If you have condensation problems elsewhere in your home, it’s likely that those problems extend to the metal ducts.
  • You suspect that vermin are living in your ducts. Insects or rodents can easily access ductwork and leave evidence in the form of droppings behind them.

Duct cleaning can be a useful endeavor, particularly if you fall into any of the above scenarios. Contact the experts at Arpi’s Industries today for help. We’ve served greater Calgary-area homeowners for nearly 50 years.

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