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Cool(ing) Father’s Day Gifts

By the time Father’s Day rolls around, the weather has usually warmed enough to remind your dad that keeping cool is important in this climate. These gift ideas might help you find something he will appreciate throughout the summer and winter, too.

HVAC maintenance visit

If he hasn’t scheduled an air conditioner tune-up yet, consider this as a valuable gift. The cooling system will work more efficiently, use less energy and run more dependably when an HVAC pro goes through it. The technician will deep clean the system, adjust all the parts and check the refrigerant level. He’ll look for small issues that could escalate into larger problems if ignored.

Smart thermostat

If your dad enjoys his devices and gadgets, why not give him a smart thermostat that will give him total control over the home HVAC system? Besides complete temperature control, some monitor the system’s performance, make recommendations about filter changes and track room occupancy. Besides all the features, programmable and smart thermostats cut energy use without having to sacrifice any comfort.

Ceiling fans

A reversible ceiling fan will not only increase comfort on a warm summer day, it’ll do double duty in the winter, too. During the summer, ceiling fans hasten the evaporation of moisture from skin, which has a cooling effect. In the winter, the fan will actually warm the room. Such a fan makes an enduring and welcome Fathers Day gift.


Choose a deciduous tree that will grow large and tall enough to block the windows and shade some of the roof to cut the need for cooling.

Instant-read temperature gun

These guns read the temperatures instantly and will help your dad measure the temperatures anywhere. They’re useful for detecting air leaks, areas of inadequate insulation, and tracking outdoor temperatures. They can also give him data on how well the HVAC system is working by measuring output temperatures.

It makes sense to celebrate Father’s Day with gifts that will increase your dad’s comfort. For more information about tune-ups and getting more from the HVAC system, contact Arpi’s Industries, providing HVAC services for Calgary-area homeowners.

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