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Benefits of an A/C Replacement That May Entice You

Benefits of an A/C Replacement That May Entice YouFor most homeowners, the idea of purchasing a new A/C replacement can seem overwhelming and inconvenient. When you look at all of the immediate and long-term benefits of investing in an upgrade, however, you may find yourself singing to a different tune. Here’s a look at seven perks that you may have the opportunity to enjoy by replacing your air conditioner today.

1. Reduced cooling costs
If you’re tired of energy bills that burn a hole through your wallet, the solution could be an A/C replacement. New air conditioners are designed with numerous energy-saving features and higher efficiency ratings than those on the market only a few years ago. In this way, you’ll start getting a return on your investment right away.

2. Smooth, reliable operation

By avoiding an air conditioner upgrade, you are running the risk of a system breakdown or problems during the middle of the summer. By purchasing a new system now, you can expect your equipment to operate efficiently and effectively all season long.

3. Higher comfort levels

Does your home ever seem humid, or as if the temperatures are uneven throughout your space? New technologies in cooling systems help to eliminate these problems so that you can feel cool and comfortable — even on the hottest or muggiest days of the year.

4. Boosted air quality

Because new A/Cs have better humidity control, your home will be at less of a risk for moisture problems like mould and mildew.

5. More environmentally friendly

Get rid of your R-22-reliant air conditioner and “go greener” with a system that utilizes non-ozone depleting refrigerant like R-410A.

6. Warranty protection

In the event that something goes wrong with your equipment, you’ll be able to count on warranty coverage so that you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

7. Tax incentives

By working with your HVAC contractor, it’s easy to select a system upgrade that will help you to qualify for rebates, tax credits and other incentive programs.

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