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Bad HVAC Habits Homeowners Should Stop

The heating and cooling system in your home probably uses the most energy of any other appliance you have. You might be able to trim those costs by adopting different HVAC habits that don’t necessarily include changing the thermostat’s setting. Keeping the system clean and maintained, as well as using it wisely may be all you need to get more from it for less.

Forgetting to change the air filter.

The condition of the air filter makes a big impact on the performance of your HVAC system. When you run it with a dirty filter, the heating and cooling process for your home slows, which forces it to run longer, stressing the parts. During the winter and summer, check the filter monthly and change it when necessary to keep your system running at its highest efficiency.

Neglecting professional maintenance.

Not having an HVAC professional service your system annually increases energy bills and shortens its lifetime. The goal of HVAC service is to bring your equipment back to factory specifications as much as possible. Energy efficiency goes up and system durability increases.

Constantly adjusting the thermostat.

This may be one of the most annoying HVAC habits. If someone in your home has comfort issues, ask your HVAC contractor to assess the situation. You might need to have the ductwork balanced or their personal space might need air sealing or more insulation.

If everything is as it should be, consider installing a programmable thermostat to prevent unauthorized users from changing the temperature.

Closing the registers to save money and energy.

On the surface, this seems like it’s a good idea but it’s actually the fast track to higher energy and repair bills. Closing off rooms increases the air pressure throughout the HVAC system, which contributes to ductwork leaks and problems inside the air handler. Consider a zoning system if you’d like to manage the airflow distribution to cut energy costs.

Practicing good HVAC habits keeps your energy bills in check and prolongs your system’s life. To learn more, contact Arpi’s Industries, providing HVAC services for Calgary-area homeowners.

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