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Are HVAC Add-Ons Available for Your Home System?

Your HVAC system functions great, but there’s always room for improvement. You don’t need a new unit yet, but some HVAC additions could boost your performance by saving energy, improving IAQ, or making your home more comfortable. Here are some of the best HVAC additions to consider:

Smart thermostat

A programmable thermostat lets you set your schedule in advance, so you don’t pay to heat or cool the house when you’re not home. A smart thermostat takes things a step further, as many devices can learn your comfort preferences over time and adjust automatically. They can also track your behavior and offer tips and suggestions for saving energy in the future.

UV lamps

This is one of the most effective HVAC additions for improved Indoor Air QualityUV lamps kill mold, mildew, bacteria, and many other contaminants. UV light kills organic matter on contact, preventing mold growth in your drain pan or coils. Working in conjunction with your HVAC air filter, it also helps allergy and asthma sufferers, improving your air’s breathability.

Humidity control

 Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers let you control your home’s humidity level to make sure that it’s never too high or too low. Not only can this improve your comfort, it also saves energy by reducing the burden on your heating or cooling system.

Zoning system

When it comes to HVAC additions, this is a slightly larger investment, but it can be well worth it. Dividing your home into zones based on individual heating and cooling needs prevents disparate temperatures across your home — i.e., one area being hotter or cooler than another. A thermostat in every room allows family members with different preferences to set their own temperature, keeping everyone comfortable while saving energy.

Carbon monoxide detector

While some HVAC additions are about comfort, others are about safety. A carbon monoxide detector monitors CO levels in your home and makes sure they’re safe. If they get too high, an alarm will sound, letting you know to get out immediately and call for help.

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