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5 Things to Include on Your Fall HVAC Maintenance List

5 Things to Include on Your Fall HVAC Maintenance ListThorough fall HVAC maintenance is one of the most effective ways to ensure your system will run reliably and efficiently throughout the harsh Calgary winter. Don’t miss these five important steps you can do yourself.

  1. Replace your air filter – If your furnace filter is dirty, put in a new one. Consider upgrading to a higher-efficiency filter for the winter. Filters with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of 7 to 13 trap contaminant particles almost as efficiently as a HEPA filter. Good filtration is especially important in a home that’s closed up for the winter.
  2. Clear your air registers – Remove the grilles from your air registers and return air vents and wash them. Vacuum out the insides of the ducts behind the grilles as far as you can reach before replacing the grilles.
  3. Winterize your air conditioner – Fall HVAC maintenance means caring for your air conditioner, too. Vacuum around your indoor evaporator coil. If the coil is dusty, remove it and clean it with a soft brush or foaming coil cleaner. To keep snow out of the outdoor condenser unit, place a sheet of plywood on top and secure the plywood with bricks in each corner. Avoid wrapping the unit in plastic. This traps moisture, which encourages rust.
  4. Inspect your air ducts – Check that the duct joints and points where the ducts meet the air registers and the air handler are firmly connected and sealed with mastic or heat-safe tape. If you find loose connections or deteriorating seals, consult a technician about having your ducts professionally sealed. Also make sure ducts in unconditioned areas are insulated.
  5. Prepare your humidifier – If you use a whole-house humidifier to deal with dry winter air, make sure the media panel, drain line, and metering device are clean. Check that the solenoid valve allows proper water flow.

In addition, schedule your annual professional furnace inspection before the cold weather rolls in. A professional has the skills and tools necessary to completely clean and tune up your system, ensuring maximum efficiency and safe operation.

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