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5 Reasons To Ask Santa for a New HVAC System

Christmas is coming! What do you want this year? Maybe you should ask Santa for a new HVAC system. It’s a slightly taller order than, say, a pair of socks, but it’s no less important a gift. Here are five reasons you should put a new HVAC on your Christmas list this year.

1. Your system is old.

If your furnace is older than 15, then it’s just a matter of time until it gives out for good. Rather than waiting until it fails, leaving you stuck without HVAC until you can replace it, you’re better off getting a new one now, when your decision won’t be rushed.

2. Energy bills.

As your system gets older, it becomes less efficient. At the same time, the HVAC systems on the market now use even less energy than your current one did at its peak. By replacing it, you can lower your energy bills significantly and reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Your house isn’t comfortable.

There are uneven temperatures throughout your home. Some corners never seem to get warm. Some rooms have drafts, while others just feel clammy. Whatever the issue is, if your house isn’t getting comfortable, then it might be time for a new HVAC.

4. Air quality.

There’s nothing worse than mold, mildew, dust, and other contaminants in your air. They can exacerbate asthma and allergies and cause a host of other problems. Replacing your air filter regularly can help, but a new HVAC system, designed to clean your air more efficiently, might be a better option.

5. You’re remodeling.

If your plans for the coming year include remodeling or renovations to your home, then it’s a good time for a new HVAC. As long as you’re making improvements anyway, you might as well boost your energy efficiency and home comfort as well. Also, if you’re changing the house in some fundamental way, you may need a different size unit to service your home — and its upgrades — properly.

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