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We have 60 years of HVAC service & over 10,000,000 hours of experience.

Arpi’s Industries is the largest combined shop mechanical contractor in Western Canada.

Top Mechanical Contractor in Calgary

Arpi’s was named to Deloitte’s 50 best managed companies and has been recognized as a 2024 top subcontractor by Compass Select.

In-house Sheet Metal & Plumbing Fabrication

In business since 1963, Arpi's celebrates more than 60 years in business and employs hundreds of field, shop and administration personnel in Calgary. Our 160,000 square foot facility houses a sheet metal fabrication facility, plumbing fabrication facility and an in-house parts/service warehouse that stocks materials & equipment to ensure we are always prepared for any type of request.

About Arpi's Mechanical Contracting team

State of the Art Machinery & Technology

We continue to upgrade and modernize all of our field and shop resources so that our facilities employ state of the art machinery as well as the most up to date technology for our staff. We provide all of our employees with the most recent technology and training so that they can be productive and safe in all of the tasks that we do every day, and we can offer our customers construction solutions that our competitors don’t. For our commercial installations we employ certified/ticketed journeyman & indentured apprentices so that we can always fulfil our work loads and deliver high quality work consistently.

Mechanical Contracting Safety

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is the guiding principle behind all that we do. Our journeyperson technicians and project managers are certified with national and provincial safety courses to ensure their safety and your project meet safety specifications every step of the way from initial construction to completion.

Arpi's Safety Certifications and Manual

Arpi's Mechanical Facilities

Arpi's fabrication facilty

Fabrication Shop

Our fabrication shop is a 7,000 sq ft facility with two 5-tonne overhead cranes, three welding stations, two grooving stations, and 3,000 sq ft of assembly area for skid packages, tanks and structure. All of the welded or grooved pre-fabrication is prepared, assembled and tested within our shop and we can produce up to 700 weld/groove inches of fabrication a day. With the detailed CAD and BIM modelling that will be completed we are able to have all of  the piping, skids or other job site fabrication items completed well ahead of time and staged  within the facility well before they are needed on site.

Arpi's Commercial Sheet Metal Shop Calgary

Commercial Sheet Metal Shop

Within our 20,000 sq ft commercial sheet metal shop we manufacture all our own ventilation and sheet metal items with leading edge manufacturing equipment and our shop can process 2.5 million pounds of sheet metal per year. Our investment of over $5 million in shop machinery and tools includes a Full Coil Line Duct Machine, Spiral Machine, and Plasma Table with a large capacity to meet the needs of any project. We have four full time delivery vehicles ranging from ½ ton trucks to 5 ton trucks with trailers to meet job site schedules and hoisting requirements, and can ship all HVAC products to a job site to take on any project regardless of size.

Arpi's Industries Materials Handling Shop

Material Handling Shop

Our material handling shop receives and stores project equipment within 40,000 sq ft of covered storage as well as 3,000 sq ft of indoor climate controlled storage, and an additional two-acre lot for outdoor storage and staging. We purchase and store in bulk pipe valves, fiUngs and hangers within our material handling shop to ensure we are always in stock for every project. We have three delivery trucks ready and available to meet the demands of each project delivery schedule.

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