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Contract Types

Lump Sum Design Build Design Assist Unit Price Contracts Construction Management Time & Material/Cost Plus GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) Integrated Project Delivery

Arpi’s Industries can accommodate a variety of different contract approaches for commercial projects. Working with the general contractor and building owner, Arpi’s can execute any of the below contract types:

Arpi's BIM/VDC Execution

With our 15 years of experience accompanied with utilizing the latest programs available for BIM projects we at Arpi’s Industries are proud to be leaders within the BIM community. From virtual layout to in house fabrication we take full advantage of the technology present in the construction industry today.

Arpi's skid packaging BIM solutions

Skid Packaging

Skid packaging is where BIM started for Arpi’s. Utilizing our in-house fabrication shop we skid as much as possible including pump skids, washroom skids and, boiler skids.


Using our in-house fabrication shop we spool from the model for areas/items such as mechanical rooms, typical compartmental unit rooms, piping risers, tanks/vessels.

Boiler skid in Arpi's Fabrication Item

Common Fabrication Items in our Facility

Washroom Skids Pump Skids Custom Tanks/Vessels Spooled Pipe Systems Modular Room Construction Mechanical Frames for Shaft Risers Horizontal Racks for Mechanical/Plumbing Services

Cost & Schedule Analysis & Savings

We can input bill of materials from our models into our estimating software thus creating an extremely accurate estimate of time for and area, floor, section or any other mechanical part of a building. We use these time estimates to create schedules and set onsite goals for all of our site installers/foreman. Arpi’s PEP (Productivity Enhancement Program) benefits from the accuracy of BIM and helps ensure that our projects stay on time and on budget.

Conceptual Rendering

A picture is worth a thousand words and through BIM we can easily display issues, ideas or requests through conceptual models that are fast and easy to produce. The benefit to this is to ensure that all parties are in agreement with an idea before the major modelling and detailing takes place therefore saving time and money.

Trade Coordination & Accountability

Creating a BIM/VDC model that is coordinated between all trades creates accountability. If a clash exists onsite then the course of action to take place should be to check the model. The model should be used to determine the disciplinary outcome and help provide a solution to the onsite problem.


Modular Construction

Using a fully coordinated BIM model is critical for job site scheduling and we at Arpi’s Industries take full advantage of this by utilizing our in-house fabrication shop. We fabricate a variety of components such as washroom skids, sheet metal, modular skids and coordinated mechanical rooms & use our BIM models for accurate job site material ordering to minimize construction waste. Fabrication is a large part of the BIM process to ensure that schedules can be met and coordination among multiple trades can be relied upon ultimately resulting in cost savings to the owner.

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